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  1. Hi Try to "File->Save as..." and select as coding "UTF-8" (in editor). Best regards Moongate
  2. Hi Thank you, I will double check it! Best regards Moongate
  3. Hello! Thank you for giving me your feedback. I will add an actionbar to the game in a future update. It is exactly my objective to create a "Robinson Crusoe"-feeling! If you wish to translate the whole game, check out this Guide to translate Lost in Nature. Thanky again Best regards Moongate
  4. Welcome to a new update! I'm working on a new island since a long time, but today a new update is coming out. Now you can change the key assignment in the new revised "Settings" window. Thanks to the community, Russian is now available as a new language. If you see errors in the game or missing translations, you can apply change requests in the new language manager (LIN Language Manager). Perhaps you have a lot of good ideas for new item descriptions? Use the new hammer to remove structures. Due to the changes, the previous settings must be reconfigured. Patchlog 0.6.43 Added - The "Settings" window has been completely revised: - A tooltip can now be displayed for each setting. - Settings have been spread across multiple tabs. - More space and everything is clearer. - The key assignment can now be customized in the settings. - New tool "Hammer" can remove structures. - New language manager (LIN Language Manager) to create translations and suggest for changes. - Thanks to the community, the language "Russian" is now available. Changed - Weather system has been optimized. - Game Over screen has been optimized and can be skipped with [ESC]. Fixed - "Game Over" button now works correctly. - "Game Over" button is now translated correctly.
  5. Hi Taralyn I tested it and you are right, the button on game over screen don't work. I will fix this in an upcoming patch. You are not able to rename the save slots. The game will save automatic every morning. If you wish to leave it, click [ESC] and choose "Quit & Save". You will be able to load the game in main menu and you continue to play where you left off. Best regards
  6. Hello Kathleen Thank you The ability to change buttons will definitely come in a further update! Best regards Moongate
  7. Hello John Try following: Open language file in editor Click File->Save as... Now, choose "UTF-8" in the box near to the "Save" button. Click save. This can help you to see the umlauts. Can you please let me know, if it was helpful?
  8. Hello! You can pick them up by press [E] key! I will communicate it better in next update (will come today).
  9. Hi You can change the background image by clicking on the brush Greetings
  10. Hello I already added one achievement to Lost in Nature. You get it, if you survive 10 days (this is harder that it sounds). All achievements should be a challenge. I don't like achievements like "Start a new game" or "Play one minute". I think it's better to have 10 good and challenging achievements, than 100 boring. If you have a good idea, please let me know in this thread! My idea for an additional achievement: If you search trough trees and other objects, there is a chance of 1% that a rare item appears (e.g. a red feather). This rare item appears for only 350 milliseconds - this is very short time. You have to be very fast to get it. What do you think about that? Greetings
  11. Hi Community Here, I explain you how you can modify and translate language files in LIN. LIN use a single .lang file (except intro subtitles). You can find the language files here: Windows [Steam Install Directory]/steamapps/common/Lost in Nature/LIN_Data/StreamingAssets/Lang/ Mac (please let me know if it's correct) [I'm not sure at first part]/ You can open these language files with every text editor who can read .txt files. If you open a language file, it looks like this: $LANGNAME=English (Beta) $LANGVERSION=1.0.0 $LANGAUTHOR=Moongate Digital $WND_MEN_MAIN_NEW=New $WND_MEN_MAIN_LOAD=Load $WND_MEN_MAIN_SETTINGS=Settings ... etcetera The first key $LANGNAME represents the name of language. This appear in-game and the player can choose it. The second key represents the version of LIN. At the moment it has no function, but I have already implemented it. The third key represents you. If you translate a language, you can credit here yourself. You can use \n for new lines. After you edited every entry, just save the file and restart LIN. If you need help, let me know and create a new thread in this section!
  12. Hello I'm glad to tell you, that I've fixed a release date! If nothing special happen, Lost in Nature will be availabe at 14. March 2017 on Steam Early-Access. I wish you a lot of fun in advance! Moongate Digital