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Update 0.6.43

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Welcome to a new update!

I'm working on a new island since a long time, but today a new update is coming out.
Now you can change the key assignment in the new revised "Settings" window.
Thanks to the community, Russian is now available as a new language.
If you see errors in the game or missing translations, you can apply change requests in the new language manager (LIN Language Manager).
Perhaps you have a lot of good ideas for new item descriptions?
Use the new hammer to remove structures.

Due to the changes, the previous settings must be reconfigured.

Patchlog 0.6.43

- The "Settings" window has been completely revised:
    - A tooltip can now be displayed for each setting.
    - Settings have been spread across multiple tabs.
    - More space and everything is clearer.
- The key assignment can now be customized in the settings.
- New tool "Hammer" can remove structures.
- New language manager (LIN Language Manager) to create translations and suggest for changes.
- Thanks to the community, the language "Russian" is now available.

- Weather system has been optimized.
- Game Over screen has been optimized and can be skipped with [ESC].

- "Game Over" button now works correctly.
- "Game Over" button is now translated correctly.


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