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Hello , 

I'm french user. So dont blame me for my English pls , I do my best. 

I've buy this game today , i just play one time until i die at the 3 day :PBut one thing surprise me and i think that will be a great idea : put a tool bar ( like in don't starve ) . Or maybe a menu in circle like in stranded deep, Something like that . 


Another thing, maybe the graphic settings can be more precise , like ambiant occlusion , volumetric clouds , water quality etc... 


PS : thanks for this game, it's a great beggining . There is just only one other game in this kind ( i think ) and its stranded deep. But here ! It's more like a Robinson Crusoé experience. I hope this is your objective :)


Thanks again , and good work ! I go try another life :D 



PS' : If i post too much message usless, please tell me ! like that i stop. It's the first time where i want to "help" a game. I think i beggin soon the french translation . 


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Thank you for giving me your feedback. :)

I will add an actionbar to the game in a future update.

It is exactly my objective to create a "Robinson Crusoe"-feeling!

If you wish to translate the whole game, check out this Guide to translate Lost in Nature.

Thanky again ;)

Best regards


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